Healthy Habits (the baseline)

3 min readDec 20, 2022

I had a little health scare a few months ago and my personality is one that likes to learn everything there is about something and here is what I’ve picked up.

Diet is insanely important. Your body is a machine and what you put into it is step 1. Here are a few things that I’ve been doing and am already seeing the benefits:
— Eat Clean Real Food (Fresh/Frozen Meat and Veggies)
— Drink water (8 glasses and it’s not that hard)
— Drink green tea or coffee (there are numerous brain and body benefits)
— Limit (or even better eliminate) processed foods and fast food
— Limit (or even better eliminate) alcohol
— Limit your sugar intake (keep it under 20 grams of added sugar)
— Limit your salt intake (keep it under 20 milligrams)
— The following supplements fill the gaps: multi-vitamin, fish oil w/ omega-3 fatty acids/dha, vitamin d3, and I’ve become a huge fan of lion’s mane mushroom supplements
— I also take with 1 meal some turmeric, ginger, garlic oil and milk thistle

They call your gut the second brain and I now understand how much the gut correlates to your overall well being. Having a healthy gut microbiome is so important for not only brain health, but also to help prevent any health issues.

Exercise is the best way to keep your body, mind and soul fit and strong. Mix in both resistance training and cardio. I am not a gym person — but I’ve been going 3 or 4 times a week for the last 3 months and not only am I feeling better, but I know I am keeping my body (aka machine) healthy. There have been numerous studies showing how much exercise benefits the body and mind — and I can tell you first hand it helps. Some days — the last thing I want to do is work out … but then I have a tiktok I watch and boom … I am motivated to go work out. Find your trigger and over time you will start to crave working out.

Meditation in this busy and noisy world calms the brain and nervous system. I’ve always half-assed meditating and since I’ve gotten into it — I am loving it. I can now go about 30 minutes and it really helps me re-center and re-align.

Fasting is something new I’ve been trying and honestly I think it should be a baseline health habit. I mix in a bit of intermittent fasting and have tried a 3 day fast. It kicks your butt, but holy crap are there insane benefits. It not only increases your brain derived neurotropic factor (to rebuild neural networks), but also increase autophagy (clean up of old cells) and cellular repair. I think of it like an oil change for the mind/body. I started off with (and contiue to do intermitted fasting) — and then every month a 3 day fast. I’d recommend starting off with 24 hour — then 48 and then finally 72 hour fast.

Sleep is so overlooked and underrated — but those 8 hours are critical for your mind and body to recover. I would not half-ass on sleep, as it is a foundation for the following day. I’ve been consistently getting 8 hours of sleep and there is a marked difference in my energy, focus and well everything.

Think about it — if you imagine your mind as a computer and body as a machine … all of the above are not just important but a baseline to keep things running optimally. A machine needs the proper fuel (diet) and you can’t run a machine 24/7 without the proper reset, aka sleep (or it will break down). You also can’t leave a machine just sitting there or eventually it will not start or work as it used to (think about a car just sitting there not driven) … in both scenarios, movement needs to happen (aka exercise). A computer also needs to be shutdown and reset for it run optimally (sleep) and it can only hold so much in its ‘memory’ and it’ll need to un-conject (meditation) to run optimally. Lastly (as a baseline) for any machine — you have to change the oil (so to speak) … and that's where fasting comes in ,as promotes autophagy and repairs the body. I’m sure this analogy has been throw around before — but thinking in these terms changed my perception and I hope it will for you as well.