What is love?

2 min readSep 28, 2022

A simple question … and one that has been on my mind lately.

We have one life to live on this world and in those moments there are times of utter bliss and oneness — so what is it for you that makes your heart complete? Is love simply those moments or is there something more?

It’s been roughly 2 months, and while it still feels fresh and I have yet to shake this strange feeling — I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and thinking. I’ve tossed around the word ‘love’ without understanding its meaning to myself. I don’t have any concrete thoughts here; and as is love — this is all over the place and messy.

For me — I’m coming to realize that love means kindness, commitment and the willing to fight/be there for each other. Love for me is the conversations that never get boring and the friendship that feels like its lasted forever — allowing the ability to be truly authentic and open up. The trust that the other person will not judge, listen and be there for you. Love is passion, desire and intimacy. The way you look at each other and the way you greet each other. Oh and definably — love is an amazing and in sync sex life.

I am coming to learn and realize that love needs time and space to grow. Love requires continual, intentional effort into gestures and creating desire. Love needs both parties to be in sync: too much and you are clingy; too little and you are not available. That balance that fits with the 2 people forms desire and love. If there is misalignment — unless fated; more than likely it won’t grow into love.

I hope someday soon — I can say those three words to someone special and mean it; especially after knowing what it means to me.